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Dispensing Solutions


“Leading the Packaging Industry with Innovation and Quality.”

"Established in 1991, "CHONGWOO" began with cosmetic pump sprays and later introduced groundbreaking products, such as Korea's first perfume spray, essence pump, and shampoo dispenser. Today, we specialize in manufacturing a wide range of cosmetic, household, and pharmaceutical products, including airless containers and eco-friendly materials. Our focus on innovation, design, and technical expertise has earned us recognition for superior product quality, driving our successful expansion in domestic and international markets."


Years of experience


International Patents


Million dollars in Revenue


"We offer one-stop packaging solutions"

Product Development: Collaborate for innovative product creation.
In-House Mold Making: Efficient mold creation for unique designs.
Design and Finishing: Elevate your products with METALIZING, RUBBER COATING, Decal Application, Metallic Coating, and custom Spray Coating.
Printing Solutions: Brand effectively with Labeling, Silk Screen Printing, HOT STAMPING, Digital Printing, Pad Printing, and Gradient Printing.
One-Stop Sourcing: Eco-friendly materials and components sourcing.
High-Volume Production: Capacity up to 20,000 units daily.
Experience our expertise and technology-driven solutions at "CHONGWOO"







"Innovating Excellence Worldwide"

Leading with Innovation and Creativity

We prioritize staying at the forefront of our industry by fostering innovation and creativity in everything we do. Our commitment to innovation drives us to develop groundbreaking products and solutions.

Customer Satisfaction and Quality First

Our primary focus is on delivering the highest quality products and services to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our valued customers. We maintain rigorous quality control processes and prioritize the needs of our clients.

Global Expansion and Sustainability

With a global perspective, we are dedicated to expanding our reach while maintaining a sustainable and responsible approach to business. We seek growth opportunities worldwide while minimizing our environmental impact and contributing positively to the communities we serve.